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Collecting Evidence for Your Car Accident Claim

Feb. 24, 2021

It is a fear that we push down when we get behind the wheel of a vehicle but unfortunately, car accidents do happen. Whether they are a result of a negligent, drunk, or distracted driver, the right evidence will help get you the compensation you deserve.

When collecting evidence for your car accident case, your personal injury attorney will go through many different avenues to gather all the information needed. Generally, this starts with getting a copy of the police report of the accident at the scene. Police officers are trained to analyze the scene and put together a detailed record of what they see on paper. Information such as the number of vehicles involved, if someone is suspected of being under the influence etc provides a starting point for the initial investigation. Other eyewitness accounts such as those of other people involved in the accident and of bystanders all go into your case file.

If a car accident happens in an intersection or in another place where there may be video footage of what transpired, access to these videos will help solidify any known factors as well as bring new evidence to the unknown. Any photographs that are taken at the scene can be collected by your attorney. Those photos will be used to build a reconstruction of what happened. Your attorney will use this to build the sequence of events as they transpired on the day of your accident.

Should you find yourself in the hospital as a result of the accident, any medical records, nurses reports, prescriptions and more, all serve as evidence for your case. If you are able to, write in a journal and detail the events of your recovery. No detail is insignificant. This is you building your own account of the accident and of the recovery process.

Compiling all this evidence and building your case should only be done by an attorney you trust to get the job done. With decades of experience behind us and numerous cases won, we are your top-rated personal injury lawyers who are committed to helping you get back on your feet.