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Did They Say You Were Partially at Fault? Let’s Talk.

Jan. 27, 2021

So you’ve been injured at work and now you’ve been told you were partially at fault for the accident. They want you to sign a bunch of paperwork saying that you accept fault. Stop, and call your lawyer. Being aware of your rights is extremely important, especially when it comes to a workplace accident.

Your point of view of the incident is important and not one to be taken lightly. Since you came out of it injured, you are now a player in the case. The context in which the accident occurred will vary from person to person so writing down what you remember as soon as possible with no influence from others will strengthen your case. Insurance companies want to settle the case for as little money as possible and the person who injured you will also try to convince you of what occurred. The best way to be prepared is to consult with an accident attorney, who will be able to help you to not only get your sequence of events together, but also provide you with the legal advice you need to navigate these waters.

The most important piece of advice is to not settle without speaking to an attorney. Should the case go in front of a jury, your lawyer will be able to present your side of the case in a way that positions you in a favorable position. Even if you are ultimately found to be partially at fault for an accident, there is still the possibility that you can receive some form of financial compensation. If you settle, it is almost impossible to get the case reopened, meaning you have now lost out on the money to help cover your expenses.

Never say that you are at fault for the accident or that it could have been prevented if you did x, y or x, because then you have trapped yourself in a corner. Attorney John Stevens is an injury lawyer with almost 30 years of personal injury litigation experience who primarily works with injured workers and accident victims in Jackson, his practices mostly focus on workers’ compensation law, Social Security Disability, and more. Don’t wait, schedule your free consultation now.